1. Meet a lot of people. The first key to falling in love is finding someone to fall in love with. The person you love will most likely be your best friend or someone that you have known for a while. Try hard not to fall in "love at first sight" - it's romantic, but it isn't very smart
  2.  Give it time. Let's assume you've been going to parties, events, etc., and your friends have been introducing you to people they think you will be interested in. Don't rush the process. Take your time and be friendly and open to everyone you meet. Even if you aren't struck by a bolt out of the blue the first time, you may find yourself developing an attraction to someone you wouldn't normally have been that interested in just from one meeting. This can signal a person (and a relationship) of depth and substance. Letting things unfold for a little while can make you more open to different people. And remember, opposites may attract.  
  3. "Read" the person. Okay, you're interested. Is s/he interested? Watch for signals, body language, catching him or her looking at you, etc. Watching for subtle signs can tell you if s/he shares your interest.
  4. Give yourself fully, receive wholeheartedly. Allowing yourself to receive love is as important as giving it. It is so important to believe that you are loved - look what it did for Peter Pan: In the 2003 movie, Pan fights with Captain Hook, and at one point, Pan is captured attempting to rescue Wendy. It shakes his confidence badly when Hook chides him for his arrogance and insinuates that he is only a protector, and not valued as a person. But as he lays on the deck in defeat, unable to fly without his "happy thoughts," Wendy leans down to kiss him, not even in a romantic way, but just in a reassuring, purely loving way. Peter turns pink and hurls himself into the air, having now recovered his "happy thoughts," and flings his arms wide as he blissfully realizes that he is loved. The one you love has much invested in being The One to answer your prayers, to heal your hurts, to make a huge difference in your life. Your ability to believe that you are loved is so important to the person in love with you, and ultimately, to your relationship, because it says that you trust your partner completely with your well-being, and most importantly, with your fragile heart.
  5. Believe in your love. Don't expect that you will never disagree, argue, or fight. As you stay together, conflicts will arise. Through them all, it is important to, if nothing else, intellectually remember that this is the person you love. Never threaten to break up or leave, and if you are threatened in this way, wait until a calmer moment to remind your love that this type of knee-jerk reaction to discontent is damaging to trust. Instead, address disagreements and hurts mindful of the fact that your partner would not hurt you intentionally. Remind yourself (and your love) that you can work through anything if you work together, and agree that breakup or leaving is off the table - don't make this threat lightly, ever, instead treating one another with respect and discussing problems like adults. You both must be able to trust in your love and believe that you are both fully committed in order to keep your love alive and create a lasting relationship.
  6. Celebrate! Falling in love is a rare, wonderful, miraculous state of being! If you've found The One, be glad! You can be an inspiration to others, that's true, but most of all, you and your love will be inspiration to one another. Remember every day that the hand you are holding right this moment is the hand that will caress your cheek tonight, hold your children tomorrow, and steady and comfort you when you are old. Hold on tight and never let go.
  7.  Fall in love for the right reasons. It is important to understand that what you value in your partner as you embark in the relationship has significant implications for the outcome of the relationship. Poor values like mere physical/sexual attraction can lead to a relationship that may not endure the test of time. It is important to love the person for their innermost being and to have friendship and genuine caring as the forefront points of attraction. Couples who merge together due to financial considerations is another course of poor decisions, as the value of money in a relationship can often lead to issues in long-term stability. Fall in love for the being inside the person, and you will have the key ingredient to a successful, long-term relationship. Get intimate and romantic with the person and live. Don't be afraid to make love come alive.